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Cuccagna Project

Cuccagna Project

Cascina Cuccagna is a XVII century Farmhouse immersed among the tall apartment buildings of the Porta Romana area: more than 4000 sq. m. of covered spaces and garden that resist in Milan since 1695 (Visit the photo galleries).

To save the Cuccagna Farmhouse from abandonment and decay, a group of Milan associations gathered together in a Consortium and developed a project that involves its transformation in a multifunctional centre dedicated to culture, the environment, food and social activities: a new public space for the city of Milan and its sustainable development.

The project represents a bottom-up answer to the present-day metropolis's need for spaces of social cohesion that creates exchange opportunities for people from different generations and cultures and contrasts social exclusion. The Cuccagna Farmhouse is going to be a place where people will have the chance to learn again what living in a community means.

The transformation of the Cuccagna Farmhouse in a cultural centre requires an investment of 3,500,000.00 euro.
Thanks to the financial support of Cariplo Foundation and Banca Popolare di Milano, the Cantiere Cuccagna Consortium was able to collect almost half this sum and start the restoration works (November 2008). However, there is still a long way to go before the reopening of the Cuccagna and we need everyone’s contribution.

There are many ways in which you may contribute to the project:

  • subscribing a certificate worth 250 euro and becoming a “Contadino Urbano” (a Urban Farmer). In this case you can actively take part in the project, becoming a member of the consortium’s advisory body

  • giving a donation directly from your PC by credit card or bank transfer

  • if you are a Company, becoming a project partner or sponsor. All donations in favour of Cascina Cuccagna are completely tax deductible

For information, write to

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